"More Man Than Man (Vox Remix)"


- "This sounds absolutely fabulous! I'm sure we will find it a home on the new compilations!" – Mark Doyle, Fierce Angel
- "Seriously good production this, very Roisin indeed! A very strong piece!" – Hot Toddy, Crazy P(enis)
- "Fantastic! We need more songs like that. 8/10" – DJ Meme
- "Bound to be a massive hit in the clubs!" – Alfred Azzetto, Purple Music
- "Cool track!" – DJ Roog, Hardsoul
- "'More Man, Than Man' is one of the hottest tracks I have received from a Label/Artist!!!!!!! I highly recommend this track to any DJ who craves a packed dance floor!!!" – dj: be-nice (Los Angeles/USA)
- "Sounds fresh and very cool!" – Steven Artis, Fire Club London
- "Quality as usual from this spunky songstress. Just the right mix of house, jazz and grunt – love it! I played it over the weekend a couple of times and there were hands in the air!" – GI Jode, Sydney Mardi Gras
- "This is hoooooooooooooot!!! Unique track! I really love this tune. Already one of my favs from 2008!!" – DJ Circle, Tricircle Recordings
- "Love the track! It's fantastic, definitely going in my record bag." – Jon Bills, G-A-Y
- "A well-crafted slice of electro disco pop. Sweet vocals!" – Jack McCord, Hed Kandi
- "This stuff is what dance music needs right now. Really. Music with a lot of heart!" – Frank Ilgener, ARTE TV

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Kamil Babacz    
16 maja 2008
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